Creating a new standard for foundations by investing 100% of our endowment into world-changing businesses and inspiring others to follow our lead.

What We’re Up To:

Meet a few of our investees – brave entrepreneurs using business to address the world’s most pressing problems!

Meet a few funding partners who support our work:

LOGO: Tui Care Foundation
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What We Do

We invest in innovative businesses addressing poverty, injustice, and the climate crisis – and help other foundations do the same.

$10 million

Invested to help launch and grow world changing businesses


Loans and investments with impact-focused, diverse entrepreneurs


Of our endowment directly invested into mission-aligned businesses

$10 million

Being raised for our new Reset Tourism Fund

Inspiring 50+ foundations

To invest their endowments in world-changing work that matches their missions


Own the world’s first

What You Can Do:

Our work supports entrepreneurs and businesses that create solutions to poverty, injustice, and the climate crisis. Support our work with a financial gift, become a customer of the innovative businesses we serve, or travel on an UnTour – where all profits come to the foundation. Join us!

Who We
Invest In:

Who We Invest In:

We make debt and equity investments into a diverse group of founders and companies that have built positive impact into the DNA of their business models.

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