MaCher Announces $50,000 Donation to UnTours Foundation’s Reset Tourism Fund

MaCher Announces $50,000 Donation to UnTours Foundation’s Reset Tourism Fund

We are excited to announce a new partnership between MaCher, a Certified B Corp that designs and manufactures sustainable branded products for the travel industry, and the UnTours Foundation, the owner of the world’s very first B Corp (UnTours) who uses 100% of its endowment and 100% of UnTours’ profits to invest in world-changing businesses.

Earlier this year, the UnTours Foundation launched its Reset Tourism Fund to connect flexible capital to entrepreneurs who are using travel as a force for good and shaping the future of tourism to be socially responsible, accessible, and environmentally sustainable. The investments are intended to take these world-changing businesses, many of which would otherwise lack access to affordable capital, to the next level of scale and impact.

Inspired by the origins of UnTours and its role in the B Corp movement, MaCher is making this generous contribution as part of its overall strategy to use its resources for good. While grants and donations are vital to many small businesses, investment capital also has a key role to play in supporting entrepreneurs to grow their companies. The donation to the Reset Tourism Fund will become multiple investments that will be paid back over time and recirculate to the next changemaking entrepreneurs. This model produces sustained impact, and is one that MaCher hopes other companies will use in their giving strategies to create perpetual, targeted impact.

Together, these two B Corps will focus on funding BIPOC founders and leaders who are using their tourism businesses for good, meeting the three impact pillars of MaCher: Waste Reduction, Decarbonization, and Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. MaCher joins the likes of Expedia Group and TUI Care Foundation in their philanthropic support of the UnTours Foundation as it continues to deploy capital through the Reset Tourism Fund.

So far, the UnTours Foundation has made 14 investments totaling $319,000, and will continue to fund impact-focused travel enterprises like:
Vamos Expeditions – another fellow B Corp making its South American excursions more accessible to travelers with disabilities
Green Book Global – a travel platform focused on improving the Black travel experience by gathering and posting destination reviews that speak to the experience of traveling while Black
The GREEN Program – who provides sustainability education abroad for students with a focus on supporting underrepresented students
Travengers – who curates travel and social experiences for neurodivergent youth
Greether – a travel tech startup helping women traveling solo to connect with local women in destinations so they can travel more safely and confidently

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we share the stories of these incredible companies to give you a flavor of what we’re up to–and then as we work together with MaCher to support more world-changing entrepreneurs, making the future of travel all it can be.