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Meet Jonathan Coleman, Our New Co-CEO

In November Jonathan Coleman joined longtime director Elizabeth Killough to help run the Untours Foundation. As the foundation’s new Co-CEO, Jonathan is working alongside Elizabeth (or at a social distance) to chart and execute a plan for growth and resilience in the foundation’s next chapter. He brings rich business and life experience, with an MBA


Elizabeth Killough on the Off the Sideline Podcast: Mission-Aligned Investing

The Untours Foundation’s longtime director Elizabeth Killough recently sat down with Assistant Editor Stephen Babcock to talk about impact investing for the Off the Sideline podcast. She spoke about mission-aligned investing, and how the Untours Foundation invests its endowment to fund solutions to real word problems. The Untours Foundation is leading the movement and


Meet the Investee: Rachel Faller of tonlé

We recently hosted a Zoom conversation with Rachel Faller the founder of tonlé, a sustainable fashion label with all the right style and values. Working in Cambodia on a Fulbright scholarship, Rachel saw the impacts of fast fashion first hand, and she struck a new path. Her clothing line is zero waste, though we would