Help Us Yodel in Progress

Help Us Yodel in Progress

When traveling, one meets interesting people. When traveling with Untours, the interesting people meet you. They pick you up from the airport, point you toward hidden treasures that only locals know about, and take you on a weekly adventure.

When traveling with Untours in Switzerland, you meet Urs (photographed above, next to Jonathan).

Urs leads the Oberland Untours experiences with a contagious love for his home region. He also yodels. A lot. He yodels on trains, docks, and hiking trails. He yodels with a ukulele and yodels acapella. And, if you happen to run into trouble when traveling, Urs clears things up and sends you yodeling on to another amazing day. This type of support is what makes Untours special.

At the Untours Foundation, we carry the same ethos into our work. We invest the profits from Untours and donations from our supporters into world-changing businesses around the globe. We then try to be the best investor that those entrepreneurs have ever had. We have their backs, offering insight and leveraging our network to help them solve problems and raise more capital.

Just as the successful engagement with an Untourist sends them “yodeling on to another amazing day,” a successful investment from the foundation sends an entrepreneur yodeling on to their next phase of growth and impact.

Take a look at the inspiring businesses we invested in this year – thanks to your donations.

As you know, the travel industry was rocked by COVID, and Untours certainly felt those effects.

Untours will no doubt emerge even stronger, but they’ll need some time to get back on their feet. That makes your donations even more important this year.

We have BIG goals to grow our fund to support even more entrepreneurs. Right now, we have about $1.5 million deployed around the world, but we have the staff power and experience to manage a $12 million fund. Please consider a donation to help us meet this ambitious goal.

Every dollar counts! Please donate.

With love and gratitude,
Jonathan and Elizabeth

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