B Corp

B Corp

Using the power of business to create great change


Hal with two of the three B Lab co-founders, Bart Houlahan and Jay Coen Gilbert

Jay Coen Gilbert was inspired by Hal’s model of profit-sharing and generosity. And he was inspired by Hal, whose authenticity and magic infused many of us. Jay and two of his And One Corporation friends and business partners, Bart Houlahan and Andrew Kakssoy, set up the non-profit, B Lab, to design a certification for businesses that meet a host of standards. This is the B Corp certification that now represents over 2,500 businesses in more than 50 countries.

Along with a plethora of criteria, B Corps must make a major legal change to no longer have their stakeholders be just their shareholders. In B Corps, the stakeholders are shareholders PLUS employees, clients, suppliers, and the earth. This allows businesses to make important decisions for community and planetary gain that standard corporations, with pressure to return profits to shareholders, may not make.

B Lab has worked to make this type of socially minded business a legal entity. 34 states have approved such legislation and established this business option called a “benefit corporation.”

Untours travel is the world’s first B Corp and also a registered benefit corporation in Pennsylvania.

In recognition of Hal’s pioneering work, B Lab annually gives out the Ha Taussig Award to a B Corp that is carried out in the Hal Taussig spirit of overflowing generosity.