Mission Aligned Investing

Mission Aligned Investing

We believe that endowment money should be put to use in investments that serve others, including the earth

The Untours Foundation works closely with Laura McKenna of the Patricia Kind Family Foundation on Mission Aligned Investing to motivate and encourage private foundations to direct a larger portion of their endowments toward investments that are in alignment with their stated missions.

Private foundations by law are obligated to annually direct only 5% of their assets towards their mission, and sometimes their investment portfolios are at odds with their missions. For example, an environmental organization might be invested in fossil fuel production simply as part of their investment portfolio.

Foundations of any size can “put their money where their mission is” and start to shift more resources towards solutions to our most challenging problems. 

The Untours Foundation was founded on 100% mission-aligned investing, before there was really a term for it. Initially, Hal simply wanted to invest in people and businesses that he believed in, to create good jobs that helped alleviate poverty. The Untours Foundation and the Patricia Kind Family Foundation are small models of this style of investing, and some larger foundations are also leading the charge.