Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

We support entrepreneurs who are solving social, economic, and environmental issues.

The UnTours Foundations helps find and fuel the next generation of world changing businesses, working with social entrepreneurs to help solve environmental and economic issues and create good jobs and a just, equitable, and sustainable economy. We do this in these critical ways:


We invest in new and groundbreaking small businesses to help them succeed and grow. Usually through loans, but sometimes through equity, we invest in businesses that have huge potential for positive impact, and who need a catalytic investor to encourage additional funders.

As a foundation, we achieve our mission through these investments, so we prioritize social returns, while not ignoring financial returns. Our loans have low interest and flexible repayment terms. As activist investors, we assume risk to bet on a brighter future and an economy that serves all.


With our community of expert staff, consultants, and board members, we offer investees hands-on support and consulting. From reviewing business plans to advocating for additional investment, we help provide the support, and practical knowledge they need to thrive.


We connect our investees with other sources of capital. Aside from our investment seeding other funding, we use our networks to connect entrepreneurs with foundations and businesses that will foster growth and investment and help smart ideas spread.


We champion progressive business and the growth of Fair Trade and the B Corporation movement. Online and in the media, we promote mission-aligned investing, encouraging other foundations to invest their endowments in world-changing businesses.

How We Choose Our Investees 

We look for entrepreneurs, who are raising the bar in their fields and solving social, economic, and environmental issues; hiring from vulnerable populations; and inspiring others. We are partial to:

  • Green business
  • Second-chance employers
  • Cooperatives and community-owned businesses
  • Certified Organic and Fair Trade products 
  • Businesses owned by people of color and women
  • Positive, replicable business models 
  • Projects that help create jobs and build local economies
  • B Corps and Benefit Corporations

We offer debt and equity investments, not grants. Flexible capital is difficult for start-ups and out-of-box businesses to secure. We fill that niche and inspire other institutions and individuals to do the same. 

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