2020 Was Bananas! Avocados Too. Fair Trade Numbers from Equal Exchange

2020 Was Bananas! Avocados Too. Fair Trade Numbers from Equal Exchange

We are big supporters of the Fair Trade movement here at the Untours Foundation in Media, PA, the first Fair Trade Town in the US. With inspiration and energy from our founder, Hal Taussig, we have worked locally and internationally to support and further the mission. We have also invested in Equal Exchange and many other organizations that promote Fair Trade.

So imagine our delight when Equal Exchange shared these numbers from 2020 on avocados.

Yes, in addition to the Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and teas that they are best known for, Equal Exchange offers avocados and bananas. They partner with Oke USA, another Untours Foundation investee, to source this Fair Trade produce and get it to market through their vast distribution network in North America.

2020 was a good year for bananas (and banana farmers) too.


We are proud of our colleagues at Equal Exchange and the impact they are having, reshaping our food sourcing in a way that benefits the growers and producers in the developing world and helps them make a fair living for their labor.

As consumers, we have the power to change the rules of commerce and level the playing field with our everyday choices. Look for Equal Exchange produce, nuts, tea, coffee, sugar, and chocolate. And look for the Fair Trade label on other products!

Read more about our support of Equal Exchange and Oke USA.

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