Oke USA was a critical early player in the importing of Fair Trade produce to North America. Importing organic fruit from Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico, they have helped expand Fair Trade beyond coffee. They have partnered with local farmers to source avocados and bananas, paying fair prices to farmers that benefit their families and lift their communities while supporting agricultural best practices.

Oke USA has partnered with Equal Exchange in the US to grow their Fair Trade mission and expand their offerings. They work directly with Fair Trade powerhouse Equal Exchange, another organization that has benefited from Untours Foundation’s early support.

The Untours Foundation is proud to have helped Oke USA and Equal Exchange expand the Fair Trade product options available in the American market. Building and strengthening Fair Trade supply networks is an important part of the foundation’s mission. We were an early investor in OKE. Like so many of our early investments, our money helped them attract more money.

Read more about Oke USA’s products here.  Help the Untours Foundation support the Fair Trade work of this and other organizations by making a donation.

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