NaturallySweet Desserts

NaturallySweet Desserts

NaturallySweet Desserts is a Philadelphia-based sweets company that creates what they say are “the most amazing vegan desserts you have ever tasted.” Their plant-based desserts are handcrafted with locally grown fruits and vegetables, Fair Trade Cacao, and “healing herbs and spices.” They are soy and GMO-free.

When founder Sherimane Johnson developed Type 2 Diabetes, she decided to learn about diet-based solutions. She soon figured out that a plant-based diet cured all that ailed her. To carry her message to others, she realized that she had to make plant-based foods delicious, and include tempting desserts in the mix.

As she says, “Our mission is to share information about healthy eating, make a plant-based way of eating more approachable, and delight our customers with amazing, low-sugar, soy and GMO-free desserts.” Her desserts can be ordered online and delivered locally, within the greater Philadelphia area.

The NaturallySweet Desserts website shares a lot of information about healthy eating, and includes rich content for healthy lifestyle on its blog and podcasts.

The Untours Foundation heartily supports vegan diets for personal health, the planet’s health, and to end cruelty to animals. We tried to help launch NaturallySweet into a storefront and then helped them walk away when we all saw it was not a good deal. We are proud to support this innovative and agile business with personal involvement as well as financial backing.

Read more about healthy diet on the NaturallySweet Dessert website. You can also support the Untours Foundation’s work to help businesses like this one by making a donation.

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