Native Energy

Native Energy

Native Energy sells carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon tracking services, using its proceeds to invest in projects that restore the earth’s resources while serving communities in need. Untours offers their “green tags” to customers to offset the carbon footprint of their European travels and purchases its own carbon offsets for office energy usage and staff travel.

In addition to allowing individuals to neutralize the environmental impact of their lives and travels, Native Energy partners with big brands to do the same thing. Ebay, Aveda, Ben & Jerry’s, Eileen Fisher, Cliff Bars, and Stoneyfield Organics work with Native to offset carbon emissions and the impact of their business operations. Native Energy offers a convenient and powerful model for partnering with big business to support life-changing projects that help people while improving the planet.

Their portfolio of projects is vast a varied. As they say on their website, “With leading corporations, Native is pioneering regenerative agriculture – community-scale projects that strengthen ranching communities, reduce scope 3 emissions, preserve biodiversity, and improve beef and leather supply chains.”

Native Energy website purchases, along with a loan from the Untours Foundation, helped build the Ghana Clean Water Project.

This tool for offsetting customers’ carbon footprints provides essential upfront funding for the installation of water filters, reducing greenhouse gas pollution and bringing clean water and a healthier, more productive future to families in the US and around the world.

Learn more and purchase carbon offsets at the Native Energy website. Help the Untours Foundation find and fund earth-saving operations like these by making a donation.

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