Keep Media Green

Keep Media Green

At the Untours Foundation, we have called Media, PA home since our founding. We are grateful to Keep Media Green for their work to protect natural spaces and stand up for environmental causes in our own backyard. Media is the county seat and has seen healthy growth of retail and housing. This advocacy nonprofit organization works relentlessly for the protection and preservation of open green space and the natural environment of the Media Borough.

Media is a uniquely progressive town. It is the country’s first Fair Trade town and has a large solar footprint, with massive solar installations all over town (including on the roof of the Untours office building). The Untours Foundation is proud to call Media home and happy to be involved in many of the efforts that make it unique and forward thinking, including its strong environmental movement.

We have proudly supported the work of Keep Media Green with a loan to jumpstart their work in planning and advocacy. Our short-term loan was a way to offer support in our own backyard for important environmental advocacy.

Read more about the work and mission of Keep Media Green here. You can also support the Untours Foundation’s work to boost environmental advocacy by making a donation.

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