Life Connections Peer Recovery Services

Life Connections Peer Recovery Services

Life Connections Peer Recovery Services is a peer-run mental health and addiction recovery service center in Iowa.

The UnTours Foundation provided a short-term loan to help cover for a temporary cash crunch, ensuring that the organization’s doors could stay open and its vital services could continue.

The Life Connections Peer Recovery Services Origin Story:
Todd Noack started small in 2017 and now runs the largest peer-run recovery organization in Iowa. He previously worked with a peer-run organization, advocating for peer support along with offering resources to individuals and their families. When that organization closed, with a little inspiration, he made a decision to open Iowa’s first peer-run respite. His work began with assembling a board of directors who largely had their own experience with mental health or substance use disorders.

With a board of directors in place, Life Connections Peer Recovery Services received their 501(c)(3) status. Todd networked with other organizations, like Doors to Wellbeing for technical assistance and grant writing and Keya House in Nebraska to learn about strategic planning. Once a few more pieces were in place, a local hospital donated a house, along with seed money, to help with the opening of Iowa’s first peer-run respite facility in October of 2018 serving five surrounding counties. Now in 2022, Life Connections purchased a five bedroom house and received funding from the state to serve all of Iowa.

How Life Connections Peer Recovery Services is Changing the World:
Life Connections understands depression and other mental health experiences cannot be treated with a band aid. Healing must begin within, not on the outside. Providing clients a place to receive wholistic care is the most effective way to heal.

How you can Connect with Todd and Life Connections Peer Recovery Services:
If you or someone you know lives in Iowa and needs mental health or substance abuse assistance, please reach out immediately to Life Connections. You can also like and follow them on Facebook.

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