Be like Hal. – Following Hal Taussig’s Example in Estate Planning

Emily Newlin, Author at Untours Foundation

Playa Viva

Playa Viva is a Regenerative Boutique Hotel located in Juluchuca Mexico near Zihuatanejo dedicated to regenerating the ecosystem and bringing back the abundance of this place. Playa Viva meets its mission with a unique style and luxury experience. The Untours Foundation’s investment was part of a larger $2.5M investment to build seven new rooms and


GoPark Safaris

GoPark Safaris is a Kenya-based tour operator focused on providing high-quality, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences for their clients. The safari company used a loan from Untours Foundation to refinance several high-interest loans for their first three hybrid engine vehicles. The cheaper and more flexible loan from Untours Foundation will accelerate their transition to a more climate-friendly