Home Care Associates

Home Care Associates

Home Care Associates is a worker-owned company that provides skilled home care aides in the greater Philadelphia area.

The direct care industry is one that employs a large percentage of BIPOC caregivers in its workforce, and many companies in the industry pay only a small portion of their hourly rate to their workers. The work requires skill and dedication but is often radically underpaid.

Home Care Associates provides in-home care for more than 500 people each year, focusing on senior care and service for people with intellectual disabilities, all while paying a good wage to its associates. The worker-owned business has been recognized for its pro-employee policies, including compensation and benefits, health and wellness programs, professional development, corporate culture, and ownership opportunities.

With changing life circumstances, Untours founders Hal and Norma Taussig learned first hand about the issue. When Untours won a $250,000 grant from Paul Newman and the late JFK Jr., the foundation invested it with Home Care Associates and worked with them on growth. Hal and Elizabeth also worked to help them become the first coop to certify as a B Corp.

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