Youth Empowerment Services (YES) is a non-profit organization that uses art as an avenue to success for Philadelphia students who have dropped out of high school. Their Accelerated High School is a place where youth come to finish high school coursework, discover talents and dreams, and begin college or careers.

As their website states, YESPhilly is many things. We are here to put students on the pathway to success. YESPhilly is a place where students who dropped out of school can get their education, counseling, learn media arts, and prepare for college and careers.

The Untours Foundation made a short-term loan to YESPhilly during the infamous Pennsylvania state budget impasse, when state allocated funds were withheld from human service organizations as part of a political show-down. Although the Foundation usually makes loans to businesses, not nonprofits, we are responsive and believe that our resources should be on the street working for change as much as possible.

You can learn more about this organization’s important work in our community at their website, or you can help us support this and other projects by making a donation.



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