Belu is a UK-based beverage company that is rethinking and repairing some of the damage of the bottled water industry. From its founding, Belu’s goal has been to give away its profits.

The company currently gives away 100% of its profits to WaterAid, in support of providing clean drinking water in places that lack it. As 1 in 10 people don’t have clean water to drink, WaterAid works across 28 countries to provide water solutions. To date, Belu has donated over £5 million to the effort, bringing clean water to over 330,000 people.

Belu is working closer to home to clean up its industry, using bottles made of 100% recycled plastic and “ethical” lightweight glass made of 35% recycled glass. They source and distribute their water in the UK, to lower the “food miles” and also offer a wide range of reusable bottles, filtration systems, and office water coolers that eliminate the need for single-use bottles.

Belu ran a “Water on Tap” campaign inspiring Londoners to drink tap water and to stop buying bottled water.

We are proud to have been a founding investor. Belu was founded to be a green business and modeled itself after Untours by giving its profits away. Elizabeth Killough even worked with them on developing a compostable bottle top, though they have as of yet been unable to do it.

You can read more about Belu on their website. To help fund these and other next-generation businesses, support the Untours Foundation.

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