The Seriously Superior Shopping Guide

The Seriously Superior Shopping Guide

There are so many shopping guides out there for the holidays. Why is ours superior, seriously? Because these companies don’t just create wonderful products, they create good jobs, they care for the environment and create the positive changes we need in the world. And, finally, they are all “Investees” — the Untours Foundation has backed them with a low-interest loan or an equity investment.

Pachamama Coffee Subscription
For your loved one
For your coffee connoisseur
For your favorite baker
For your chocolate lover
Untours Vacations Native Energy 3d-green-footprint-m-1023
For your traveler
For those who don’t need more stuff 
NATIVE ENERGY carbon offsets

So, be generous this season and support some wonderful businesses. You’re supporting the Foundation by making these Investees more successful!

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