The first-ever Untours Ungala

The first-ever Untours Ungala

On October 3rd, Untours — the foundation and business together — hosted the first-ever Ungala, in celebration of 40 years of Untours and 23 years of the foundation. We brought together staff, board members, Untourists and donors, investees and community partners into a board member’s home for a cozy evening of socializing. We’ve always been about blurring the lines between business and philanthropy (a word Hal disliked), but bringing all these folks together was perhaps the first time we had literally mixed it ALL up in person.

And what an evening! We had long-time board members such as Alix Rabin and Mary LeFever chatting with our newest investees from ROAR and The GREEN Program. Hal’s first employee, Fran Douglas, had dinner with B Corporation co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert. We enjoyed hearing travel stories from longtime Untourists and donors the MacDonalds as well as the latest developments from Morgan at MyMilkcrate.

Listen to Jay Gilbert’s moving words about Hal:


We honored the longtime service of Mary LeFever, who will be stepping down from the board, with a gift basket from Equal Exchange. We like to say she was Hal and Norma’s first loan recipient, because they loaned her $1500.00 in 1965 to get the Walden School started. Perhaps her success in both repaying the loan and also with the Walden School (nearing its 50th year) made Hal and Norma more inclined to keep experimenting with loans.

Delicious food was donated by Shere-E-Punjab Indian Restaurant, Sterling Pig Brewery and Seven Stones Cafe. Compostable dinnerware was donated by Susty Party (a B Corporation). We thank them for their contributions.

We are so grateful to all who have come together to support Untours and the foundation over the years. If you’d like to continue that support, please take an Untour or donate to the foundation.

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