We invest worldwide in amazing businesses including several in
Chester, PA, which is just ten minutes from our offices. Chester holds the tragic distinction of having the highest homicide rate in the US. But help has come from the heart of Chester in the form of several entrepreneurs, who have stepped up to the plate using the arts to transform this town sparking a regeneration by and for Chester residents.

These entrepreneurs are beginning by purchasing buildings and running businesses that service the community. Further, they are doing things as simple and lovely as providing painting parties — free for children — with lessons, canvases, paint, and all. One by one, the town is painting!

This holistic form of social and economic development has a genuine chance of bypassing the normal route that development takes of too often leading to gentrification.

Here’s an uplifting news spot about Devon Walls, one of the entrepreneurs we are proudly invested in.

A mural of African elephants is being installed by Mary Lacy. Devon is front and center in this joyful group.

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