Green Book Global

Green Book Global

Green Book Global is the first and only Black travel review site where Black travelers can read and write destination reviews, book trips, and earn cash. The company exists to inspire and empower Black travelers to explore the world safely and confidently, with a mission to be the trusted resource of the Black travel experience for every destination. The company is using an investment from the UnTours Foundation to increase brand awareness through initiatives like Black Travel Review Month. So far, Green Book Global has over 5,000 reviews from Black travelers across over 400 destinations. 

The Green Book Global Origin Story:
Entrepreneur Lawrence Phillips started Green Book Global after traveling the world and noticing how difficult it was to determine what his experience would be like in a destination as a Black traveler. Knowing that other Black travelers have the same concern about racism in a destination, he quit his consulting job of over 10 years. He created a company that aims to make travel as easy and safe for the Black traveler as possible. 

Similar to the original Negro Motorist Green Book, first published in 1936, Lawrence wants to help make travel as easy as possible for the Black Traveler on a global scale.

How Green Book Global is Making an Impact:
The company enables Black travelers to plan trips with confidence and less anxiety by providing user-generated travel insights from the Black perspective across nine dimensions, with one of the most important dimensions being what it is like “Traveling While Black” in a destination.

After reading reviews, users can book trips with brands they know and love, like Expedia, VRBO etc., starting on Green Book Global’s platform. When they complete the booking on a partner’s site, Green Book Global earns a small commission, which they share back with users in the form of cashback.

Green Book Global is a one-stop shop for users to book flights, hotels, vacation rentals, activities, and even travel insurance, specifically including Black-owned businesses travelers can support. 

How You Can Connect with Green Book Global:
Learn more and book your travel on Green Book Global’s website. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to receive updates and share their stories on your platforms.

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