First Step Staffing

First Step Staffing

First Step Staffing is a non-profit that focuses on job training and placement for those just entering or re-entering the job market. The organization works with veterans, those who have recently experienced homelessness, and citizens re-entering the workforce after serving time in prison. It has provided over 7,500 people with their first job assignment.

The organization helps match workers with entry-level and semi-skilled jobs and provides wrap-around care and service, which includes training in life skills, connecting clients with transportation, and assisting with housing. They are committed to helping their clients succeed in the workforce

First Step’s model is successful and runs like a for-profit company, in that they are able to meet their own overhead. Many of the jobs they finds for their clients turn into permanent offers. This enterprise is empowering many lives.

First Step has expanded from its base in Atlanta to other cities; it now has outposts in Philadelphia, Duluth, Nashville, and multiple offices in California. The Untours Foundation is proud to have helped fund its growth.

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