AlwaysOn (ROAR for Good)

AlwaysOn (ROAR for Good)

AlwaysOn is a hotel safety platform that is designed to keep housekeeping staff safe in their daily work. Developed with the input of hotel staff, the system employs a high-level tracking device that allows housekeepers to summon help simply and quietly. Its dead-zone protection and room-level tracking capability help hotels to keep their most vulnerable workers safe.

ROAR for Good is the mission-driven, woman-lead tech company behind the platform. They are dedicated to creating safer workplaces. As ROAR’s founder says, “We believe that no one should be afraid while trying to earn a living wage.”

The Untours Foundation was an early backer of the ROAR personal security device at the heart of the system. Their discreet wearable technology was developed to help empower women, giving them easy-to-wear security tracking with a panic button/alarm.

Learn more about AlwaysOn and the work of ROAR for Good here. Help the Untours Foundation support the work of this and other organizations by making a donation.

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