ROAR is a technology company dedicated to cultivating safer workplaces. In 2015, a seed investment from the UnTours Foundation helped ROAR to build a prototype of their latest product – ROAR Panic Button Solution. This signature enhanced workplace panic button solution protects employees with one press of a wearable button. In 2021, another UnTours Foundation investment supported expanded marketing efforts to help take the company to the next stage of growth and impact.

The ROAR Origin Story:
Yasmine Mustafa is a serial entrepreneur driven by passion to leverage technology for good. (Check out her two TED Talks: “The Birth Lottery Does Not Define

PHOTO: ROAR Founder Yasmine Mustafa
PHOTO: ROAR Founder Yasmine Mustafa

You” and “#metoo and why no one should be afraid to earn a wage.”) Prior to ROAR, she founded and sold a blog advertising company to a Silicon Valley firm. She sits on the board of several nonprofits dedicated to increasing access and equity to technology. She was inspired to start ROAR due to harassment she experienced while working in the hospitality industry. Workplace safety is personal for her. ROAR’s mission is ROAR’s mission is to empower people through technology to help create safer organizations.

In 2014, the company started by empowering women with one of the first safety devices built as a fashionable and wearable alternative to self-defense tools and reinvesting a portion of the proceeds into empathy education. ROAR Panic Button Solution has been built from the ground up using feedback from business owners and managers, front line workers, and staff. The patented technology exceeds all known industry requirements raising the bar by providing a solution that is always on everywhere. Their unique panic button technology provides continuous coverage, even in dead-spot areas. Because the solution works independently of the facilities network, it is always on to ensure staff has a lifeline when they need it most. ROAR is the choice of major hotel chains and healthcare providers because of its redundancies, ease of use, effortless implementation, and hassle-free maintenance.

How ROAR is Changing the World:
The vision of ROAR is to see an inclusive and compassionate world where, together, everyone is empowered to thrive. They are changing the world by providing safety devices to help staff feel and be safer on the job, which improves mental and physical well-being. With their ROAR Panic Button Solution devices, they have focused on women in the hospitality industry since 60% of these women have faced harassment. So now, specifically, as they partner with hotels, the housekeeping staff can feel and be safer by having access to a discreet panic button that alerts the security team of their exact location.

Yasmine has a passionate belief that everyone has the right to make a living and remain safe while doing it. Hospitality compliance requirements are changing rapidly, and labor shortages are at an all-time high. The ROAR Panic Button Solution Staff Safety Platform exceeds mandates to keep your hotel staff safe and improve employee retention – at an affordable price.

How you can Support Entrepreneur Yasmine and ROAR:
ROAR is strategically working with hotels to provide a safe environment for their employees. If you know a decision maker at a hotel or somewhere within the hospitality industry, encourage them to invest in the safety of their employees and to check out the ROAR Panic Button Solution. And for a bigger impact, urge your local politicians to recognize the need for legislation to protect women, especially women of color. You can learn more about ROAR at their website or LinkedIn.

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