AnaOno is a lingerie company specializing in high-quality bras and undergarments for breast cancer patients and survivors and women who want alternatives.

What started as a business by Dana Donfree, herself a breast cancer surviver, has turned into a valuable source of information, advocacy, and community for women.

“We believe all women are sexy and should continue to feel that way, no matter what they’ve experienced in life,” says Donofree.

AnaOno is committed to creating intimates and lifestyle collections that help women who are undergoing breast surgery (or managing postsurgical figures) to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. Her bras come in several different, well made styles, offering support in all senses.

AnaOno believes in giving back and community, which is why AnaOno works with select non-profits and donates 5% of all proceeds to these organizations. The company is active in the breast cancer community, organizations, and coalitions and always strives to make a difference in the lives of women.

The Untours Foundation was the first outside investor in this company. Take a look at our recent conversation with Dana Donofree.

You can shop for bras and intimates at their website, and join the AnaOno community. Your donation to the Untours Foundation helps launch and grow mission-driven businesses like this one.

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