The GREEN Program

The GREEN Program

The GREEN Program offers short-term, experiential educational trips that allow university students to learn about some of our world’s most interesting and pressing issues first hand.

This Philadelphia-based organization offers college students the chance to travel to destinations like Iceland, Peru, Japan, and Nepal for 10-day in-depth educational trips and receive college credit. Travelers learn about local ecological efforts, green energy, natural and cultural conservation, historical heritage, local economies, and other important issues on site. They hear from local experts and connect with local communities to build understanding.

The GREEN Program is a perfect match for the Untours Foundation. We were an early backer of this inventive and exciting educational travel program, and we continue to follow its progress with awe and wonder. We helped Melissa Lee get a cover story in the Business Section of the Philadelphia Inquirer. We also took her for a two hour mentoring session with the former COO of Ben & Jerry’s. This sort of hands-on mentoring is part of our unique approach.

Here is the latest.

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