Grant Blvd

Grant Blvd

Grant Blvd is a sustainable fashion brand that upcycles thrift clothing to make one-0f-a-kind creations and high style clothing lines.

Company founder Kimberly McGlonn is an outspoken and articulate champion of environmentalism and racial justice. She also uses some of her fashions to raise the issue of the high incarceration rate in the US. Her hand-screened T-shirts carry cheeky activist slogans like Mad Sustainable, Books Not Bars, Disruptor, Sustainable AF, and End Cash Bail. This PhD in English knows how to use her words.

Kimberly McGlonn is hitting lots of our metrics with Grant Blvd. She’s manufacturing fashionable clothing from all reclaimed fabrics, hiring returning citizens from prison, and supporting Books Through Bars, which gives free books to incarcerated people across the country. She sells her sustainable fashion online and out of her storefront in West Philadelphia, which also hosts community events.

Grant Blvd has generated a lot of excitement in buzz in the fashion industry; they recently received a grant from pop icon Beyonce. Here’s a great article and video about Kimberly’s vision for Grant Blvd.

The Untours Foundation is a proud supporter of Grant Blvd. We have been a fiscal sponsor to receive grants for Grant Blvd. We’ve also attended various Grant Blvd events, including a fashion show and the opening of their storefront.

You can learn more about Grant Blvd and their mission here. Help the Untours Foundation support the work of this and other Mad Sustainable organizations by making a donation.

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