Fair Trade Schools Launched!

Fair Trade Schools Launched!

This week, the first ten Fair Trade Schools in the United States were certified. No less than three of these schools are located in our hometown of Media, Pennsylvania!

As a parent of three children at Media-Providence Friends School, and close with families at Media Elementary School, both newly certified schools, I (Shannon) have been impressed by the efforts of teachers to enliven the somewhat abstract concept of Fair Trade to young people. Even my seven year old daughter has become a joyful and passionate advocate! At an age when children are blossoming as consumers, it is heartening to see that they are blossoming as more conscious consumers, supported by their school community.

The Walden School, founded by board member Mary LeFever, was self-declared over a year ago (as was Penncrest High School), and has been “grandmothered” in as an official Fair Trade School.

Hal and Elizabeth have long advocated using Fair Trade standards as a means to alleviate poverty, and their efforts to make Media the First Fair Trade Town in the USA has had some wonderful ripple effects.

You can help bring Fair Trade to your local schools — the process is straightforward and simple — have a look at the Fair Trade Schools website for information on how to get started.


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