Courting Mr. Wonderful: Kreyòl Essence Swims with the Sharks

Courting Mr. Wonderful: Kreyòl Essence Swims with the Sharks

We love our investees and are especially proud of smart entrepreneurs like Yve-Car Momperousse and Stephane Jean-Baptiste. Their Kreyòl Essence is a natural beauty brand that sources its skin and hair care ingredients from fairly paid farmers in Haiti. It is a laudable model for its commitment to organic farming and lifting women from poverty.

Their recent turn on ABC’s Shark Tank made us especially proud.

For those not familiar with the show, Shark Tank allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to pitch a panel of investors for money in a high-stakes, high-drama TV format that includes tough love and all the gimmickry of reality TV.

So honest compassion shines through. In an emotional moment of candor, Kreyòl Essence’s founders talk about a tough period in 2016 when their business was struggling. “We felt like we were failing our community,” they said.

“It’s not just about the great products,” says Yve-Car. “It’s about the mission of helping to create a blueprint for poverty alleviation, which is a huge problem around the world.”

“It’s my culture. It’s my identity. It’s everything my parents sacrificed to get us here,” says Stephane. Both he and Yve-Car are Haitian American.

For a lesson on grace under pressure, watch the video.

You can read more about Kreyòl Essence, or shop their line of natural skincare products. (We are partial to their lavender hand cream.)


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