Taussig Society

Taussig Society

Taussig Society

Leave a legacy. Join the Taussig Society.


The Taussig Society is a home for those who, like Hal Taussig,

leave a legacy gift to the Untours Foundation in support of

entrepreneurs who are building business solutions

to poverty, injustice, and the climate crisis.

Be Like Hal.

Hal Taussig was a humble man whose life left a legacy that will far outlive his time here on earth. He donated 100% of the profits from UnTours to the UnTours Foundation, never taking a dime out for himself. He won the “Most Generous Business in America” Award, presented by none other than JFK Jr. and Paul Newman (whose Newman’s Own brand was a groundbreaking leader in generosity through business). He was instrumental in launching both the B Corporation and Fair Trade Towns movements. He created possibly the first foundation in the world that aligned 100% of its endowment with its mission – a decade before anyone in the foundation world had coined the term “mission aligned investing.”

Hal Taussig wasn’t generous in order to receive accolades or attention. In fact, he’d probably not be thrilled that we’ve named Taussig Society after him. While alive, Hal donated 100% of the profits of UnTours to support the next generation of world-changing entrepreneurs through the UnTours Foundation, helping over 300 businesses launch and grow. His final act of generosity ratified his earlier commitment by transferring ownership of UnTours to the foundation. 

Taussig Society is a home for those who, like Hal, leave a lasting gift to the UnTours Foundation in support of entrepreneurs who are leaders in addressing poverty, injustice, and the climate crisis.

Why is this important? Because we have the potential to fund even more new businesses – creating thousands of new jobs where they’re most needed, strengthening local communities, and setting a path towards a brighter future for the next generation. But we need your help.

Legacy Giving

Here are the most popular ways to leave a lasting gift to the UnTours Foundation in support of entrepreneurs who are leaders in addressing poverty, injustice, and the climate crisis – just like Hal.

Wills and Legacy Planning

Giving through your will is one of the easiest planned gifts to make.  Include giving to the UnTours Foundation as part of peace-of-mind planning in your will, trust, and estate. 

Naming the foundation as a beneficiary in your retirement plans and/or, life insurance policies is also simple and can normally be accomplished easily online.

Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund is like a giving checking account. It’s a great tool to make gifts of appreciated assets such as stock, farm commodities, or real estate. Include the UnTours Foundation in your recommended charitable distributions or set up an account for a flexible, streamlined way to direct charitable gifts to us.

Charitable Trusts

Looking to provide a legacy gift now, but still need some income to keep you going? Our Charitable Remainder Trust is a great tool that is provided by the IRS. In short, you donate to our organization, and we invest that money into world-changing businesses. We pay out a 5% annual return on those dollars, for as long as you live, after which the original donation stays within the foundation. Can you have your philanthropic cake and eat it too? Absolutely! ($10,000 minimum investment.)

Charitable Gift Annuities

Discover new roads of generosity by making gifts of assets you may not have considered, such as stocks and bonds, real estate, life insurance, farm commodities, retirement assets, and even valuable collections.

 Types of Gifts

Do you have savings you would like to give in the future, but you still need income from? A gift annuity is a gift planning option that lets you share your heart for the foundation’s mission, receive a tax deduction now, and also receive steady payments for life*.

*Gift annuity payments are dependent on the financial ability of the issuing entity to pay.

 This information should be used only for preliminary guidance. Donors should consult their financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants.

Make your plan.

Leave a lasting legacy by beginning your Taussig Society estate planning today.

Contact Elizabeth Killough for assistance at 267-334-5680 or [email protected]

Is the Untours Foundation already in your will? We’d love to know! Please contact Elizabeth and share your arrangements.

Leave a legacy. Join the Taussig Society.