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CERO (Cooperative Energy, Recycling, and Organics) is a zero-waste commercial composting company based in Dorchester, MA. This bilingual worker-owned cooperative removes more than 1,000 tons of food waste from the trash cycle annually and gets it to local farms to be composted. Food waste is one of the nation’s biggest trash issues: about 1/3 of all food goes into landfills instead of being eaten or composted. Composted food scraps can help farmers and gardeners naturally improve their soil, completing an important nutrient cycle. Getting food waste into good composting operations also reduces greenhouse gasses. 

As stated on their website, CERO, founded in 2012, aims to improve the communities where they work, and do right by the environment. As a cooperative, all workers are “worker-owners” and are deeply invested in the success of the company, both commercially and as a means to improve their community.

If you live in the greater Boston area, check them out!