Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

What will your legacy be?

Legacy gifts have played a crucial role in the life of the Untours Foundation. It was Hal and Norma’s bequest that ensured that the foundation had ongoing resources to fulfill its promise to make the world a better place. Others followed, making a lasting impact in communities around the world.

Donor story or quote & picture?

A bequest to the Untours Foundation can be a wonderful way to honor your unforgettable Untour or a powerful expression of your interest in investing in new models of change to end poverty and build sustainable economies. Your legacy gift can provide critical resources to help our foundation grow and flourish through the years. 

Leaving a Legacy

You may consider remembering the Untours Foundation in your will or naming it as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance or donor advised fund. 

An unrestricted gift is the most useful because it can be allocated to the Foundation’s highest priorities. However, if you would like to designate your gift for a specific purpose or if you would like to establish an endowment in honor of a family member or friend, we’d love to sit down with you to discuss how we can best honor your wishes. 

Let Us Say “Thank You”

If you have already named Untours Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, retirement plan, or donor advised fund, please let us know so that we can welcome you as a member of Hal and Norma’s Pals, a growing group of enlightened supporters who, just like our founder Hal, made Untours Foundation an important part of their legacy. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a donation of cash, stocks, or other assets to a non-profit organization. In return, donors receive an annual interest payment on their donations for the rest of their lives.

The Untours Foundation CRT pays 5% annual interest. For example, donors who give $2,000 to our CRT receive an annual income from us of $100. A $10,000 donation results in an annual income of $500.

There are additional benefits as well to donors: a tax deduction plus the waiving of capital gains taxes (if the donation is stock or a similar asset).

The CRT is a contract between the donor and the Untours Foundation and involves no administrative costs. The donated cash or assets remain the property of the Untours Foundation after the death of the donor. By irrevocably transferring the assets to the CRT during her or his lifetime, the donor can significantly reduce inheritance and estate taxes.

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