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A hand up, not a hand out

Alleviating poverty with low-interest loans to innovative businesses


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Remembering Norma Taussig

Posted on Jul 23 by

Norma Lee Black Taussig, our dear friend and co-founder of the foundation, died yesterday at 92. I think Norma would have said she wasn’t 92 years “young,” but...


An “Ace” Company

Posted on Jul 22 by

Here’s a little article to piggyback on Untours’ latest Eurozine focused on England and Ireland,  which you can read here! For ten years, our foundation had a British...


Ecozoom update

Posted on May 24 by

We had a great conference call with Ecozoom not long ago. Ecozoom produces beautifully designed low-emission and low-fuel cookstoves. They are available for sale as camp...


How business in Haiti is tackling poverty

Posted on Apr 20 by

This nifty radio piece investigates how a new business model is trying to help people in Haiti. While they don’t exactly quote Hal’s phrase “A hand up, not a...


Green businesses hatching everywhere!

Posted on Mar 10 by

T​here’s a new crop of business incubators and ​​​shared work spaces ​around the US ​that are housing some of our current and potential loan recipients,​ among others​....