Wearwell is a home delivery fashion service that uses savvy stylists to personalize looks for its clients and ships them boxes of hand-picked items to wear or return.

Their difference is that wearwell sources its clothing, handbags, and jewelry from companies that are screened for fair wages and labor practices and environmental responsibility. Pieces are not only chosen for subscribers based on their individual style preferences but also on the values they identify as most important to them.

Wearwell caters to all ages, styles, and body types. Pieces feature rich textiles and fall into categories like Pays a Living Wage, Fairly Traded, and Empowers Women. As they say, they offer “a great way to jumpstart your sustainable wardrobe.” And unlike other monthly wardrobe services, they allow subscribers to choose and ship only the items that most interest them, cutting down on the waste and impact of extra shipments and returns.

The Untours Foundation was excited to be an early investor in wearwell and to be part of their pre-launch pilot program. Co-CEO Elizabeth Killough and pro-bono business consultant Jon Blum have met with wearwell’s cofounders several times for brainstorming and mentoring help.

Read more about wearwell’s mission and wardrobe service here. Help the Untours Foundation support the work of this and other mission-driven companies making a donation.

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