Travel with UnTours

Travel with UnTours

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Why UnTours?

UnPack Once

Unlike anyone else, we offer you complete ease. Upon arrival you’ll settle into local living in an instant. It’s all the fun of independent travel, but with the planning, service, and on-site support of a tour.

Personalized Experiences

We make amazing places come alive, because of you. Our travel designers tailor itineraries with your interests and style in mind, offering an exclusive depth to your chosen destination unlike no other.

In-Depth local knowledge

Our team visits and thoroughly investigates all destinations, services, and amenities featured on our unique food and wine itineraries, so we can be sure we are offering the best quality experiences for you.

Comfortable Homebase

Whether a farmhouse in Provence or a garden apartment in Paris, Untours has selected home bases that give travelers unparalleled access to a city or region.

Wine and cheese on balcony in Nafplio

UnTours and the UnTours Foundation

Hal [1924 – 2016] and Norma [1923 – 2015] Taussig, the founders of UnTours – the tour company that pioneered apartment vacations in the 1970s and went on to become the world’s first B Corporation, quietly founded UnTours Foundation in 1992.

Hal and Norma were never motivated by money. When running UnTours, Hal worked to share the company’s profits with his customers and later with his staff. As he tried to give away his profits, he faced incredulous and confused customers and other hurdles.

In an effort to smartly manage his generosity, he settled on the idea of a foundation, which focused on microlending at the start. In 1999, Paul Newman and John F. Kennedy, Jr. named UnTours the “Most Generous Company in America” and awarded Hal’s foundation $250,000 in prize money.

All the while, Norma and Hal continued to live simply: wearing thrift store clothes, composting their food scraps, and shoehorning the UnTours staff into their home for parties. Meanwhile, the profits of their travel company seeded small business development, Fair Trade, and job creation through the foundation.

In a final act of generosity, Hal arranged for the UnTours Foundation to inherit the UnTours travel business, which remains a generous supporter of the foundation.