Plasticoncentrates is a Black-owned business based in Chester, PA, an underserved community outside of Philadelphia where the Untours Foundation has worked to support community investment and job creation. This manufacturing company produces specialty color concentrates for plastics. They work in the business to business space, offering color master batches and various engineering compounds. Plasticoncentrates has worked to create local jobs in its community.

Since the early days of the Untours Foundation, we have worked to empower entrepreneurs in areas like Chester that are in need of community investment and job opportunities. Untours Foundation founder Hal Taussig personally led investment tours to Chester, a community not far from Untours’ headquarters in Media, PA. He initiated this loan many years ago, hoping for a community return that included good paying jobs.

Learn more about the company on its website. To help fund more Black-owned businesses, make a donation to the Untours Foundation.

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