Our December letter

Our December letter

Dear wonderful Foundation Family,

I can turn to Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream only so many times. The current political upheavals and gridlocks, both here and abroad, are exasperating – and troubling. But in these frustrating times, I can assure you of this: our work at the Foundation does something that Congress has yet to do – cross the political aisle and get things done. No doubt both sides of the aisle want to see the private sector step up and help solve social and economic problems.

Our Foundation has been helping the private sector step up for 25 years. We demonstrate that jobs can be created, families can be sustained, and the earth can be healed, all through businesses that choose to do good – to be great. I am wowed daily by our amazing crew of generous, hardworking entrepreneurs, who solve big problems in so many creative ways. Thank you for helping us help them!

What has your help allowed us to do so far? Here’s our 25-year report card. We have:

  •  Invested $8 million through 300 loans and equity investments in visionary entrepreneurs.
  •  Achieved many times that investment by inspiring other funders to co-invest with us.
  •  Provided entrepreneurs thousands of hours of free expert consultation – and plenty of love.
  •  Backed incredible businesses, including Equal Exchange, a co-op with 150 worker-owners that supports hundreds of Fair Trade farmers and generated $70 million in sales last year.
  •  Faced challenges and lost businesses to hurricanes, fire, illness, murder, competitors, and shady suppliers. Fortunately, many of these entrepreneurs took what they learned and went on to do extraordinary things.
  • Changed from a business that has a foundation to a foundation that has a business! Our beloved founder Hal Taussig’s revolutionary business model inspired the B Corporation concept, a movement that has taken off and motivated thousands to use business as a force for good.
  • Sparked Fair Trade sales in the U.S. and helped launch a national program that promotes Fair Trade in towns, schools, universities, and houses of worship.
  • Inspired other foundations to move their endowments into investments that match their missions.

So, take heart, grab some Chunky Monkey, and with your support, we can continue and expand this foundation’s great work – and show the politicians how it’s done! Thank you for investing in us with your tax-deductible contribution!

With warmest holiday wishes,

Elizabeth Killough, Director

Download Elizabeth’s letter here.

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