Kitchen Harvest

Kitchen Harvest

Kitchen Harvest provides residential and commercial compost pick-up in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

Kitchen Harvest comes to homes, businesses, or schools and collects kitchen and yard waste, like food scraps, coffee grounds, leaves, and grass clippings. After curbside pickup, this compostable material is taken to Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA (the homebase of the Untours Foundation), where it is turned into compost. Nature does the majority of the work, but Kitchen Harvest staff carefully monitors its progress and helps it along as needed.

Once finished, the compost is cured, screened, tested, and offered back to participants and to local farmers. On its website, Kitchen Harvest sells its compost, along with composting supplies, and they even offer seasonal vegetables and herbs to their customer in season.

Interestingly, our involvement with Kitchen Harvest was born out of the closing of another Untours Foundation investee: Philly Compost. Businesses don’t always survive, but Philly Compost found another business to take over its truck and its debt to us. This is a powerful example of why we love our investees.

Read more about Kitchen Harvest and find some good seasonal recipes on their website. Help the Untours Foundation support the work of this and other organizations by making a donation.


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