Earth & State

Earth & State

Earth and State is a charming shop that sells handmade crafts and unique gifts. A vital part of the small business landscape of Media, PA, the hometown of Untours, this shop offers beautiful things sourced with care.

The shop’s name is a cheeky reference to their location of the main drag of Media, State Street. Owners Drew and Heather Arata have been instrumental in the work of making Media the first Fair Trade Town in the US. Active longtime members of the local Fair Trade committee, they sell numerous Fair Trade products in their shop.

They also work directly with independent artisans and creators to bring their unique creations to market in the heart of Media’s charming commercial town center.

The Untours Foundation has worked alongside them in local Fair Trade activism for years. In addition to financial investments, Elizabeth Killough and a member of the Untours Foundation board have given the owners of Earth and State regular technical advice and support. 

Discover Earth and State online. To support the Fair Trade work of the Untours Foundation, make a donation.

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