To Whom Chester Matters

To Whom Chester Matters

Artist, entrepreneur, and Chester Made Artistic Director Devon Wall at the Chester Made and Mandela Washington Fellowship Exchange

Forgotten by many, abandoned by some, treasured by those who live in it. Artist and entrepreneur Devon Wall lives and believes in Chester and takes us on a “tour” of a special, collaborative effort to bring new life into his city.

Art and culture have historically defined the character of the city of Chester. And Chester Made, an initiative that brings together art and economic development, was born out of the urgent need to revitalize the city through a creative lens and to honor its history.

At the Untours Foundation, we are proud to support the revitalization of Chester and encourage you to learn more about this once thriving community that is finding new, creative ways to redefine its path. Read Devon Wall’s article here. If you would like to be involved in Chester Made, please contact [email protected].

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