SosteNica is a non-profit financial institute that integrates environmental and educational projects with financial services, creating a holistic and long-term approach to poverty alleviation in Nicaragua. A trail blazer in its vision and actions to live gently on this planet, SosteNica creates an important model for green development.

Programs center on sustainable housing and agriculture as well as economic development that will have long term impact for impoverished families. SosteNica helps farmers rise from subsistence farming to financial and ecological sustainability. Microcredit is an important piece of the organization’s work, as is development of worker-owned cooperatives.

The Untours Foundation is a proud investor in SosteNica. We have had many conversations with the founder, based nearby in West Chester, PA, and have enjoyed meeting at his home, which is covered in solar panels, has an eco-let, and is landscaped with edible plants.

Learn more about the important work of SosteNica on their website. To help the Untours Foundation find and fund more projects like this one, make a donation.

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