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Senda makes Fair Trade soccer balls emphasizing good craftsmanship, the joy of playing, and improving lives along the way. Argentina-born, California-based Santiago Halty wants to change the business of soccer balls, support soccer nonprofits, and bring back the fun and community of a casual street game.

Santiago’s “ah-a” moment went something like this, according to an interview with Inspyr:

“I’m going to launch a company that is going to think about the people who make the product, make sure they get a fair wage and they’re treated fairly, and allow them to improve their lives through their work.  I’m also going to look to people who can’t necessarily afford the equipment but want to give people living in at-risk communities the opportunity to play sports, build leadership skills, and keep them off the street.”

While their soccer balls can be found on Amazon and at other major retailers, you can also purchase them directly from their website. In addition to classic and kids’ balls, they also specialize in “street” soccer balls, meant specifically to be played on pavement.