Lancaster Food Company

Lancaster Food Company

Lancaster Food Company bakes organic bread from locally-sourced ingredients and produces delicious local maple syrup. When Charlie Crystal and Craig Lauer started the company, they wanted it to reflect their values and to have positive impact on their community and the world. As a result:

• All of Lancaster Food Company food is USDA Certified Organic and free of harmful additives

• Ingredients are sourced from local organic farmers and area businesses whenever possible

• They strive to make the best certified organic products, and regularly experiment with new formulations and products.

• Lancaster Food Company primarily hires people living in the City of Lancaster, with a focus on hiring people out of poverty.

• The company pays employees at least $14/hr, and all employees will have access to stock ownership in the company through stock options (they’re still working on this). Up to 30% of the company will be employee owned in the future.

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