Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man, Inc. is an iron works that produces wrought iron fencing, gates, fire escapes, and other products while employing vulnerable people who might not otherwise have the opportunity for gainful employment. Located about 15 minutes from the Untours office, Iron Man competes with large shops and big box stores through artistry and attention to detail. It is a family business that creates local jobs.

Loans from the Untours Foundation gave Iron Man the ability to purchase materials for three large contracts it normally would not have been able to consider. A later investment allowed them to purchase supplies in order to take advantage of a fruitful opportunity. Brenda Davis, the “Iron Woman” of Iron Man, included a donation to the Untours Foundation along with her loan repayment check.

We love this business and its owners, and have attended many events with them, including most tragically funerals of their children. We helped them get money owed to them from a government contract and have followed their business closely over the years.

To inquire about Iron Man, you can contact Brenda Davis at [email protected]. To help the Untours Foundation support small, black-owned businesses like this one, make a donation.


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