IceStone designs and produces gorgeous, high-end, LEED-certified counter tops and flooring made with 75 percent recycled glass. Their goal is to turn waste glass into something beautiful, while offering a high-design new green material for interior design. They have found their niche within the green building movement, and they fill it beautifully.

Aside from producing an attractive and sustainably made alternative to granite and other materials, IceStone has built sustainability into its overall business model. They are a certified B Corporation, are members of the US Green Building Council, and have cradle-to-cradle certification for their start-to-finish green practices.

IceStone estimates their work has saved over 17 million pounds of glass from landfills so far. They have made their employees partners of the company, and have stayed committed to manufacturing their product in the US, working from their base in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Untours Foundation founder Hal Taussig visited their operations, alongside Elizabeth Killough, when they invested in IceStone.

A model of reliance, IceStone has withstood major flooding from Tropical Storm Sandy, economic downturns, and more. They are the type of business the Untours Foundation loves.

Read more about their beautiful counter tops and their business practices here. Help the Untours Foundation support the work of this and other green businesses by making a donation.

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