Global Exchange

Global Exchange

Global Exchange is a well known human rights organization advocating for social, economic, and environmental justice around the world. Their activist campaigns, travel program, and educational resources target poverty and global inequality.

For over 30 years Global Exchange has engaged in humanitarian efforts, organized natural disaster relief, and supported grassroots movements to protect immigration rights, promote peace, and stand up to corporate power and economic exploitation. They have stood up for human rights and workers’ rights around the world, and helped build the Fair Trade movement.

Global Exchange has also works to bridge the divides of culture with its innovative travel program, which includes people-to-people trips to Cuba and Reality Tours that connect guests with other cultures and benefit the communities where they visit. They run programs in Mexico, South America, the Middle East, and beyond.

Their commitment to cross cultural understanding make them a nice complement to Untours’ travel, and a great fit for the Untours Foundation. Ee were proud to support their work.

To get involved or plan a Reality Tour visit Global Exchange’s website. To help the Untours Foundation support the work of this and other organizations, make a donation today.

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