EcoZoom produces beautifully designed, affordable, low-emission and low-fuel cookstoves. Their clean burning, portable charcoal and wood powered cookstoves are available for sale as camp cookstoves in the US.

But as part of the company’s social mission, the stoves are also distributed throughout the world to replace traditional stoves which require a great deal of fuel and also produce dangerous amounts of pollution, especially for those who are doing the cooking, primarily women.

EcoZoom sells and distributes its stoves countries like Pakistan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria,  and Somalia and South Africa. They work to set up retail options that employ local people and to partner with local organizations to distribute the stoves to those who do not have the income to purchase them.

A prime example of their community outreach is a successful partnership they established with DelAgua Health in Rwanda, distributing approximately 700,000 clean cookstoves to people in need. 

They also produce solar lights and run a “donate a stove” program on their website, where they proudly share that their products are raising the standard of living for people all over the globe.

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