Elizabeth and I had a wonderful visit this week from Molly Hayward, founder of Cora. Molly is a passionate young entrepreneur from the Philadelphia area who really believes in changing how capitalism works. She calls Cora a “for-profit and for-purpose” social business. As Elizabeth remarked to Molly, “Hal will love you!”

The service and mission of Cora is simple: U.S. customers buy a monthly subscription to Cora’s line of organic feminine hygiene products and for every month’s supply of organic tampons, they provide a month’s supply of locally produced pads to a girl in the developing world who would otherwise miss school because of her period.

Elizabeth and I are also excited about Cora because it doesn’t need a loan, just yet! While the company certainly fits our loan criteria, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign today at Plum Alley which will hopefully get them jumpstarted to a larger audience. If you feel that Cora might benefit you or be a nice gift for a young woman in your life, we hope you’ll consider supporting them. We wish Molly and Cora all the best!

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