Hal Taussig with Brenda of Iron Man, Incorporated.

Hal visits Brenda of Iron Man, one of our loan recipients.

The Untours Foundation addresses poverty by providing low-interest loans to businesses around the world to create work, housing, and Fair Trade where they are needed most.

We look for projects that are pioneering, innovative, replicable, and green. The Foundation offers technical assistance, cheerleading, and rolled-up sleeves with all loans. Since its founding, 275 loans totaling over $7 million have been given out.

Most loan recipients do not have the collateral or track record necessary to borrow money through conventional lending institutions. By giving loans and not grants, the Untours Foundation provides a “hand up” and not a “hand out.”

In its 22 years, the Foundation has forged productive partnerships with a multitude of social innovators, including individual entrepreneurs, community businesses, cooperatives, indigenous tribes, and grassroots organizations. These partnerships have delivered extraordinary value to individuals, families, and communities worldwide.

Although the Foundation is small, with relatively modest assets, its imprint on the world has been enormous, due to its ability to create and support “models of change” that create new paths toward ending poverty and greening our planet.

The Foundation together with Untours, the travel company, are two sides of the same coin modeling how capitalism can actively and intentionally address large social and economic problems. Untours helps support the Foundation through its profits, in-kind services, ideas, and lots of positive energy.

Paul Newman said of the Foundation:

Untours’ giving is creative in every sense of the word. Their low-interest loans literally create jobs among the hard-core unemployed and housing in decaying urban centers.”

Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream has said of Hal Taussig and the Foundation:

What makes Hal so special is that he combines real kindness and compassion with that practical business side, and that, I think, is the key to making a difference.”

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