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The Untours Foundation is the proud owner of Untours, a tour company that shares our unique approach and shares its profits.

In 1975 Hal Taussig founded Untours European Vacation Rentals as a deeper way to experience new cultures. For a travel company – for any company – its mission is quite extraordinary:

Untours’ purpose is to foster a healthy and healing society that unites people of different cultures and economic statuses. We feel it is imperative to reconnect people to each other and to the earth. We hope that we, as a company, can be the change we wish to see in the world.

Untours continues to expand its travel destinations and and to model transformational business practices. Untours assists independent travelers in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Scotland and beyond! Untours is also the first B Corporation. The offices we share are powered by solar panels, and Untours was named the Most Generous Business in America! Check it out!

Untours Vacations