Untours Foundation Fair Trade Shopping Guide

Untours Foundation Fair Trade Shopping Guide


Yes, it’s that time again — but do it differently!

It’s time to think of gifts again. While we support giving homemade gifts, as well as gifts of special time and attention, sometimes, for some folks, we do want to give some thing. This holiday season, why not try shopping from an Untours Foundation loan recipient? When you support these businesses, you are supporting fair trade, environmentally caring companies – and you are indirectly supporting the Foundation by making these businesses more successful! So shop with joy!

Ecozoom Versa Pachamama Coffee Subscription
For your outdoor adventurer
For your coffee connoisseur
Equal Exchange Gift Tosheka Signature
For your business partner
For your bag-toting pal
Divine Chocolate Gift Set Native Energy Carbon Offsets
For your chocolate lover
For those who don’t need more stuff 
NATIVE ENERGY carbon offsets


PS: Even though they are not a loan recipient, UNTOURS provides wonderful travel opportunities for that extra-special once in a lifetime gift! A family reunion, a special wedding anniversary – Untours can bring your loved ones together in a place you’ll never forget.

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